Exploring Possibilities with Universal Engineering

Admin   June 24th, 2014

Any complicated problem would always have a corresponding engineering solution. It could be in relation to the overall system, or a small item that has to be implemented without displacing other facilities and parameters. Your problem may look too insignificant compared to the universe problems!. Rest assured that there is a Universal Engineering solution that would effectively and efficiently address it.

Our Competence

Universal Engineering is a general civil engineering company that offers invaluable services and solutions for civil, structural, environmental, and water engineering concerns. Founded in 2001 at West Palm Beach, the firm has been recognized for its contribution and leadership as it provides quality measures not only in South Florida but literally throughout the whole nation. The key personnel and professionals within the group are highly specialized and licensed in their respective fields. Licensed engineering activities cover sixteen states and the list is steadily and solidly expanding.  When combined, their years of experience would have amount to more than 500.

Motivated and driven by passion, the aim of the company is to contribute in cultivating the well-being of life, property, and the environment all at the same time with their solutions. Their understanding and ideology that alleviating the cause of the problem would never solve it as they believe that the problem itself has to be directly addressed.

Our Services
With 16 states licensing the firm and still counting, Universal Engineering services would definitely become within reach, to the point where access to even the smallest concerns among residential units to have economical solutions is possible.

Depending on how the client would want to position the company in a certain problem, the following services can be rendered:

1. Consultancy and Design Development – exquisitely developed studies that would in turn result to the parameters required during design development and documentation is their normal and expertise routine.

2. Assessor and Evaluators – the role of “infrastructure doctors” rest assures that your property is still stable and in good condition.

3. Construction and Property Managers – keeping the expenditures within the approved limits without compensating the quality of the materials and operational services is another thing that they are best at.

4. Value Engineering – The company takes pride into the idea that any proposed solution would still have a more economical and effective methodology to undertake. The knowledge to undertake this requires extensive design options and considerations, which eventually is among the items they confidently have.

Universal concerns have Universal Engineering solutions. See how it can help you as well!