Florida Structural Engineers & Their Services

Structural Engineering’ is the basis of our business and basically our existence in reality. From the time when the company was founded in 2001, we have associated and collaborated with number of developers, architect consultants and private players present on a global scale, to render a complete range of structural engineering services for small, medium and large construction projects. A structural engineering firm recognized at the top of the leader board in amongst all of Florida’s structural engineers, our company can handle complete renovation projects, retrofitting of existing structures, repairing falling components and several other structural alterations.

In which cases can we help your cause?

• Cracked walls on your buildings or uneven building foundations – We can assess and repair the cracks while also addressing the uneven foundations which can provide stability to your building.

• Damaged buildings as a result of fires, floods or wind (hurricanes) – We can analyze the amount of damage, provide you with cost effective repair solutions to correct the damage

• Developing a hurricane-ready building along with procurement of certification – We can structure the building design as suited for a hurricane-prone area with attention to all safety precautions.

• Addressing building code violations observed in your existing construction – We can help you to identify and correct the building code violations of your building.

• Structural inspections before buying or selling a building structure – We can provide you a report about structural inspection, roof inspection etc before you buy or sell a house / building
• Additional room or floor construction in the existing building / home – We can help you plan the easiest way and define a design that can be integrated for your new room / new floor construction

• A brand new residential, commercial or industrial construction project – We can provide start-to-end structural engineering consultancy for a new project altogether

Be Rest Assured of our Service Quality!

Our team of structural engineers was meticulously picked up one by one with focus on developing a team that takes our company to the next level through quality and customer focused structural engineering consultancy. We vow to service private consumers, architects, builders and government agencies through our standard processes and operations. Customer satisfaction being at the core of our foundation, we look forward to deliver ‘Excellence, Integrity and Effectiveness’, and that too, in a cost effective environment.

Our belief that a high-end engineering solution requires the least amount of building material, efficient construction techniques, minimal resources and inexpensive budgets, gives us a significant edge over our competition. Ensuring the delivery of innovative, well-researched, technically sound and effectively managed professional solutions to all our clients is our motive, while meeting client expectations is our need!