Building Additions and Alterations

A huge home apartment, an extra spacious house or a large industrial property / office space; buying and selling of such places have now become more difficult. Homeowners or business owners who look for bigger spaces are taking up the home additions and building alteration options, which are much cheaper. A building alteration refers to changes in the existing building structure whereas; home additions mean the addition of new spaces / structural elements, without changing the base structure.

What can you expect?

Since the time of its inception, Universal Engineering has introduced a team of experienced design and project management professionals which handle start-to-end home addition and building alteration projects for all our clients. Our innovative, qualified and skilled engineers provide you with insights and ideas to expand your existing property as per you requirements.

Be it a simple room or the addition of a floor above, our building / house expansion capacities are simply unmatched. You just need to tell us your requirements, our experts will assess them, create a development plan and very quickly, your project will be successfully delivered.

We also provide Construction Administration (CA) for those homeowners who wish to be their own builders. CA inspects all structural trades including foundation, roof etc, during construction and ensures that the standards are followed during all construction phases. The homeowners are provided with free consultations during construction, thus giving them an entitlement to control, over project finances and change management.

Our Working Framework…

We believe in collaborating with our clients very closely on this service, to ensure that everything is on order. Our team works in alignment with the desired space requirements and aesthetic plans available. The structural engineers coordinate with design professionals for a robust home addition design. We also have mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers in our support team. With focus on design calculations reporting, reduction in home additions cost, quick turnaround of client projects, we aim to be number in the industry. We value your investments and work towards a common agenda of delivering client expectations and improving client relations.

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