Building Code Services

The Sections 553.67 and 553.77 of Florida Statute have defined the requirement for a team of 25 members to handle accountability towards development, maintenance and interpretation of the Florida Building Code. Known as the Florida Building commission, it is made up of Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Building Owners, and other representative sectors. This Commission also looks into the product approval procedures as well as the code training program.

Over the years, Universal Engineering has come to be recognized as a leading brand name in the field of structural engineering. We have experienced professionals with high level of qualifications and extensive exposure in handling compliance to building codes. We have engineers who have served as Members of the Florida Building Commission, in our cross-functional team, with extensive knowledge and practice in ensuring adherence to what has been defined in the codes.

What can you expect?

Our Engineers stay up-to-date with the amendments made to the Florida Building Code from time to time, which helps us provide the following building codes related services:

• Building Code Compliance
• Plan and Specification Reviews
• Provision of Permitting and Construction Inspection
Structural Engineering Design in lieu of Florida building code product approval
• Bank Draw Inspections
• Threshold Inspections
• Residential Building Code Inspection and Updates
• Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services
• Due Diligence and Property Condition Assessment Services (ex. structural damage assessment)
• Condominium Disclosure Reporting
• Compliance Audits and Consulting
• Florida Building Code Roofing

Our Working Framework…

We make sure that code compliance, smooth plan reviews and expedient permitting, all get completed in a seamless manner. We work in accordance with set codes and standards, while helping clients in reviewing for Florida building code product approval, designing of a product that does not have a Florida building code approval or simple calculations according to a Florida building code roofing. The process is built up by…

• Robust inspection procedures performed by certified professionals and supported by technical personnel
• Budget friendly and cost efficient solutions, with adherence to time schedules
• Expertise in data collection, analysis, reporting, and permit package preparation to construction administration and/or general contracting
• Renowned and tested roof inspection services

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