Building Damage Assessment

In South Florida, the major causes for building damage include wind, fire, floods and sinkholes. It is vital to conduct a building damage assessment owing to these causes. Universal Engineering provides full fledged services in terms of structural damage assessment which include water damage assessment, flood damage assessment, hurricane damage assessment and storm damage assessment. The parameters that we test using our methods during this process are; roof to building connectors, building fire ratings, lateral load resistance, drainage system, and foundation and soil conditions among many others.

What can you expect?

With us, you are guaranteed a quality inspection process to detect hidden structural defects if any, caused as a result of designing mistakes such as omission of a pile, concrete slab under-design and construction errors like poor concrete mix, building on undetected sinkholes, rusty steel bars, missing steel bars and much more. We offer these services in a standalone as well as in combinations with various types of building damage assessment:

Structural damage assessment: We carry out in-depth inspection of building’s structural elements right from footing to roof attachment and develop an intelligent report to document the findings. These services basically focus on hurricane damage assessment or storm damage assessment.

Water damage assessment: In flood zones, water damage assessment is a common scenario. We study the impact of water damage in residential, commercial as well as industrial structures and classify it either as local superficial or deep global damage. Likewise, a detailed reported is generated and tabled for your reference and further actions which may include appropriate repairs.

Fire damage assessment: We analyze the impact of fire on various structures through visual and lab testing techniques, with burned structural elements as samples. This helps us to determine the extent of fire damage and prepare a report for you t take further corrective / preventive steps.

Our Working Framework…

In a completely standard and effective process environment, Universal Engineering collaborates with the owner or owner’s representative with a view to understand the insurance coverage extent. As part of our above mentioned services, our engineers assess the damage caused to find alternative solutions. With the building damage assessment as basis for the case, we coordinate with you to choose a way in which the insurance coverage can be maximized within the law, in complete adherence to local building codes. We also help you to prepare a robust repair plan, which can be taken ahead in the form of construction.

A major highlight of our way of working is the documentation of findings using supporting colored photographs which reflect the damage areas clearly and state the required repairs. Field observations and lab testing form the basis of our sound documentation process, with preliminary and final approvals from our certified and experienced structural engineering professionals.

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