Home & Commercial Building Inspection

Universal Engineering is well known for providing structural building inspection services with reduction in structural inspection costs and optimum quality building inspection reports. Skilled in the areas of home building inspection, commercial building inspection, threshold inspection, foundation inspection and wall inspection, we intend to enable our customers to get their structures duly inspected by professional structural engineers in our team, who are certified in the field. Be it the construction stage or post-construction stage for construction companies or pre-sale and pre-purchase for real estate consultants, we can certainly do our best to provide you with building inspection reports.

What can you expect?

Our knowledge and expertise in the field extends to local municipality requirements in South Florida’s cities and counties, all aspects of building structural components and execution of home structural inspection projects. As part of our service, we shall develop building inspection reports, signed and sealed drawings for repairs and coordination with the local building departments to maintain adherence to Florida building code while gaining approvals post submission of reports.

Real Estate pre-purchase / pre-sale structural home inspection: It is a fact that purchasing or selling a home is among the largest financial decisions that most of the people take in their lives. As such, it is important that everything regarding the structure (home) that you are about to purchase or sell should be documented well, along with its structural defects which are indeed very subtle to be observed by the naked eye. In this regard, we offer you services of our structural engineer (home inspection), to conduct a complete structural building inspection which includes various branches such as foundation inspection, roof inspection etc. This helps in assessing required repairs (if any) before the transaction, saving hassles and misconceptions between the buyer and seller, thus maintaining a fair and clean deal.

Foreclosed Homes Inspection: Since some time now, there has been a rise in foreclosed homes; it is of utmost important to assess the actual home conditions. For such cases, you can benefit by the structural building inspection or structural home inspection services provided by a licensed structural engineer (home inspection).

Threshold Inspection: An integral process in the building inspection services that we provide in West Palm Beach, the threshold engineering, is one of our specialties. As per Florida Statutes, a threshold building is said to be any building having more than 3 storeys or 50 feet high, whichever is applicable, along with an assembly classification that exceeds 5000 square feet in area and occupancy of 500 or more people. The rules have said that a structural engineer (inspection) is necessary to perform structural inspections on such buildings in line with the inspection plan developed either by the engineer or by the architect on record. Within the scope of our services, you can be rest assured that some of our sharpest threshold inspectors will inspect various elements as required, such as footing system, pile system, on-ground and elevated slabs, walls, columns, piers, shoring elements bracing elements, tie beams, structural steel, roof structure and attic. In case we find evidence for deterioration, movement, deformation, cracks, settlements or any other issues, a thorough structural analysis will be conducted.

Our Working Framework…

Out motive is simple: ‘Provide clients with superlative services in terms of building inspection, threshold inspection and structural inspections’. While we do this, we also make sure that your structural engineer inspection costs for consultancy are reduced down substantially. Also, be certain that all will go right with your work when we deploy our pre-defined and proven processes to maintain the quality or reports, coordination with building departments and our commitment to deliver these services within required timelines.