Concrete Construction and Foundation Design Services:

Universal Engineering is efficient when it comes to providing concrete construction designing services. There are several intricate details involved in concrete construction projects, right from concrete foundation planning, concrete foundation design and concrete footing design. We excel in all these and right so, with our extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field.

What can you expect?

As an experienced consultant, we can help you with concrete shell structure designs and concrete constructions supervision for a 200+ mph wind speed environment. As business partners to SUPRANOS Systems, where we have designed more than 10 million square feet of precise and pre-stressed concrete slabs and as providers of engineering for QUICL WALL and tilt walls, our design services extend to various building elements: concrete footing, precast slab systems, pre-stressed slab systems, soffit beams, steel girders, steel posts etc. Also, we are trying to offer you our services at the minimum most concrete foundation costs.

Our Working Framework…

Adept in maintaining a seamless workflow and optimum quality, we follow one, two and three dimensional modeling techniques which also include adherence to defined procedures, documentation of structural design calculations, and concrete crack repairs. Beginning with the production of permit drawings, we follow it by shop drawings and then concrete construction administration and specialty inspection. Throughout the production, installation and implementation stages, we aim to achieve smooth and quick completion of your projects, based on customized requirements.

In our team of engineers, you can easily expect an advanced knowledge and practice of concrete foundation design and restoration, structural mechanics, analysis and design, concrete construction and deployment of latest technologies to attain the best results possible, with adherence to local building codes.

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