Building Foundation Crack Repairs

Simply defined, foundation can be said to be the platform or interface between any building structure and the earth. The chief function of the foundation is its capacity to transfer worst load case scenario from the structure to the soil, in an adequate way. As the worst load case scenario can be a combined effect of the building’s own weight, weight of inhabitants and other objects, designing a robust foundation is mission critical as without its presence, a structure can be pretty dangerous to be in. That is where we bring in our expertise in solving your foundation related problems, by assisting in cases of foundation settlement, building settlement, foundation crack, foundation repairs, foundation inspection etc.

What can you expect?

With our services, you can be assured of our expertise in addressing common foundation problems, with extensively researched and practically used foundation remedies. We assess any instability evident in the foundation which causes downward movement (building settlement) or lateral movement (foundation bowing). Some of the concrete foundation settlements are known to show diagonal stair step cracks and vertically sheared wall blocks. While there can be some footing problems with the foundation which lead to irreversible failure if not solved promptly. Based years of practice, we can help you with…

Foundation Repair: Assessment of risks involved in the flawed designs of foundations, while recommending a cost effective solution ranging between a minor foundation crack repairs to a major building settlement solution. We are proficient in the installation of a series of steel underpinning piers below the affected footing area.
Foundation Bowing Walls: Installation of a series vertical strut or I-beams, wall anchors, dead-man anchors, and or carbon strips. We identify the best suited remedy for the problem, in line with our visual observations and analysis of the failed wall.

Our Working Framework…

Our team comprises of subject matter experts in the areas of soil mechanics, soil structures and foundations designs, with the virtue of our successful past projects. Our standard design procedures lay impetus on:

• Collection, Collation and Calculation of the structure’s loading information
• Investigation, analysis and determination of the soil’s characteristics
• Selection of a foundation system and / or identification of the best suited remedy
• Determination of foundation design repair requirements of a critical and urgent nature
• Constant updates to our technological use of design software and tools
• Application of industry best techniques and practices in the areas of foundation design, foundation inspection and foundation repairs
• Accuracy in terms of field data, analysis and budgeting / costing

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