Safe Rooms

A secure place (safe room), that stands tall and strong during hurricane, storms, floods and other natural catastrophes, is the way to go for every property or house owner. Whether it is a residential apartment, commercial building or industrial property, Universal Engineering is well known for designing tornado safe rooms, storm safe rooms and hurricane shelters. Especially critical in a hurricane prone zone, our services are beneficial for designing self sustainable and standalone spaces for our clients.

What can you expect?

At Universal Engineering, we have the ability to design structures / rooms that support up to 250 mph wind speeds. We design rooms in such a way that all structural components including the foundation, walls, doors and roof withstand peak wind force within acceptable deflection, without any non-compliance to Florida building codes. These building units are even designed to resist flying debris at a 100 mph speed, with a facility for a good ventilation system.

For a new structure, designing a 250+ mph wind rated structure might be a hassle-free affair but for home additions, it is an even greater challenge. In such cases, there are various constraints like existing structural conditions, non-compliance with building codes etc. With our extensive experience, our structural engineers can address these problems in an appropriate manner. We offer our services to design safe rooms (hurricane safe rooms, storm safe rooms, tornado safe rooms and hurricane shelters) for all our clients.

Our Working Framework…

While we recognize the need for hurricane shelters in areas where the wind force is the higher, we aim to provide cost effective and workable solutions for all your problems. We follow standard operating procedures defined by our expert team of engineers. Our processes are driven by…

• A partnership with Supranos System to provide on stop solutions to all clients in terms of concrete structures
• Compliance to safe room norms prescribed by Federal Emergency Management Agency
• Precise and expert analytical, quantitative and reporting ability
• Prompt and effective staff availability to solve client queries
• Adherence to pre-defined time and quality constraints
• Assurance to deliver cost effective solutions that positively impact your bottom-lines.

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