Seawall and Retaining Wall

A structure required to maintain 2 different soil levels through the retention of soil on one side which may move down to the other side, is called a retaining wall. The wall is required to retain soil behind and transfer loads to the footing. On the other hand, a soil retaining wall along the shoreline, structured to defend the shore against wave attack, is called a sea wall. Universal Engineering efficiently delivers soil retaining wall, retaining wall design, retaining wall construction, seawall repair, seawall design and seawall construction consultancy services.

What can you expect?

The integrity of retaining wall is a position where it may falter through excessive hydrostatic pressure behind it, short-term pressure due to water fluctuation, poor water drainage or lateral soil movement along the wall. These factors crack and deform retaining walls, which Universal Engineering pursues through several remedy options such as grouting and drainage improvement of soil in the back-end, as part of the retaining wall design. This minimizes damage and extends the wall’s life. We also offer dead-man anchor system, soil reinforcement mesh, which are effective solutions to secure an unstable wall. With the help of our team of structural engineers, we can drive your retaining wall construction and seawall repair works, using our expertise in soil mechanics, soil structures and concrete foundation designs. Our retaining wall costs are one of the best sought in the market!

Our Working Framework:

During the project phases, we conduct a solid analysis of the retaining wall / seawall design or repairs that you want us to carry out. The methodical process for the analysis followed involves…

• Collection, collation and calculation of the wall’s loading data, along with wave and tide data for seawall designs
• Investigation, analysis and determination of soil’s structural characters
• Choosing the best available retaining wall system or getting the read the best possible remedy plan
• Preparation of drawings and permit packages for retaining wall and sea wall designs, as and when required
• Assignment of Geo technical Engineers who are experts in their knowledge about soil structures
• Systematic cost estimation, including materials, labor, and equipment
• Facilitation of cost effective retaining wall design solutions for all our customers
• Accuracy in collecting field data and performing detailed analysis
• Administration / Management of retaining wall construction and seawall construction

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