Structural Design and Analysis


An important aspect of construction, structural design and analysis is a specialized service that we have on offer for individuals, architects, construction firms and consultants. In a competitive market, we as an engineering firm are well-versed with the minute most details of structural steel designs, wood structural designs and concrete foundation designs. Doing justice to client work in hindsight, our structural design engineers are highly qualified and practiced in the field, giving you assurance of optimum structural design services.

What can you expect?

As a full service client-focused company, Universal Engineering excels in catering to customized requirements, utilizing an innovative methodology and project management framework. From us, few examples of our structural design services are:

• Concrete foundation designs for small-to-large residential and commercial buildings, water tanks, seawalls among other structures
• Structural steel design for plate, truss girder posts, connections and much more
• Concrete block system design (Masonry), Aluminum design, wood frame design and analysis and deteriorated structure designs
• Composite structure design, pre-stressed structural design and hurricane shelter designs
• Structural design for structures without product approvals such as doors, windows, railings, sign-posts, light poles and so on.

While in the business, we are an able company that takes care of wind calculations with the inclusion of uplift and shear force analysis along with roofing enhanced nailing calculations, as pre-requisite for most of the structural designs. In all these years, we have put together a sound and disciplined team of structural design engineers, who efficiently plan, coordinate and manage your projects, based on their practical and theoretical knowledge plus an ample amount of experience in the field.

Our Working Framework…

Recognized for pitch perfect operations, Universal Engineering follows a 3-point process during all of our projects, small, medium or large scale:

Conceptual Phase: We identify the layout of structural elements like beams, columns etc with a roof-to-foundation load path
Analysis Phase: We conduct the required calculations to evaluate the stress on every structural element with respect to the applied load on building
Design Phase: We determine the size and specifications of every element in line with the stress numbers calculated in the Analysis Phase

Additionally, we have deployed top-end software like Revit, STAAD, Digital Canal and AutoCAD to maintain swiftness and accuracy in project delivery. Our compliance observed towards defined policies, procedures, systems and processes makes us unique players in the market who strive for quality and accuracy.

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