Find Structural Repair & Alteration Solutions in Florida

In the construction field, structural alterations is a systematic process of adding, removing or relocating structural elements which alter the way in which a particular load is supposed by the building foundation, while ensuring that the same overall building integrity is intact. At Universal Engineering, our structural engineers can help you do exactly the same, if you had any structural changes or structural repairs need for your residential, commercial or industrial properties.

What can you expect?

We are experts in the various aspects of structural alterations and repairs including concrete crack repair, home foundation repair, seawall repair, foundation crack repairs and concrete foundation repairs. We can help you in restoring a deficient bearing element like footing, column, beam, wall or roof to its existing original strength while maintain proper load balance to the building structure. Our various solutions structural repair include:

Concrete crack repairs: We can assist you with cracked, spalled, or broken concrete, starting with spalled area cutting, cleaning joints and honeycombed areas from debris and finally injecting epoxy to fill and bond the joints.We also excel in rebar repair or replacement through cleaning and priming existing rebar or replacing it completely if there has been a significant section loss.
Deteriorated concrete repairs: There are circumstances where the concrete has been damaged beyond repair and as such, we help you with the replacement of the entire structural element, for instance a balcony slab damaged due to weather.
Foundation crack justify: In such cases where the structure’s foundation has cracks, we stabilize the foundation/slab by grouting the underlying strata, based on our in-depth knowledge of foundations and soil mechanics. We also provide consultancy and solutions in cases of deliminated and cracked masonry through the mapping of affected areas, assessment of lamination conditions, evaluation of substrate and definition of treatment.
Deteriorated joint material and joint nosing: In such cases, we remove or cut out the damaged joint, followed by cleaning and priming techniques for the existing joint and then restoration to its original configuration including the installation of new backer rod and sealant if required.
Roof Repairs: Observed as a common problem in roof repairs is charred wood elements wherein we clean, splice, sister fire damaged elements.

Our Working Framework…

During your repair projects, we take the reports generated during the damage assessment stage as the base to carry our further work. All along the project, we have deployed a strict and sound quality assurance process which aims at delivering the best-in-class to all our customers. We provide the expertise of licensed professionals and certified technical structural engineers to devise project plans and execute them to the best of their abilities. At the same time, our work framework promises you with cost effective solutions for expansion joints, control joints, watertight facilities along with foundation crack repairs, home foundation repairs, concrete foundation repairs, seawall repairs and roof repairs.

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