Structural Engineering Services in West Palm Beach: Structural Design & Building Inspection

Based out of West Palm Beach, UE is the obvious go-to-guy for almost all Architects, Home Owners and Builders in the field of structural and civil engineering services.

What we offer?

We provide high quality structural inspection including roof inspection for residential, commercial as well as industrial projects, ranging in small to large scales and low to high budgets. With our experienced team, we look forward to offer you with successful construction project completion, handled by professional engineers, certified inspectors and efficient project managers.

Our Proficiency lies in…

• Conducting the structural inspection for your home before purchase
• Conducting home / building inspection before foreclosed and short sale transactions
• Facilitating foundation and roof inspection to analyze construction defects
• Ensuring in-depth evaluation and review of structural plans
• Developing robust repair plans for roof and foundation repairs
• Assisting clients with cost analysis and budget estimation for their projects
• Designing structures that are compliant to safety and building codes
• Developing various types of structures: family homes, shopping malls, office spaces and warehouses
• Structural designs using various materials: wood frame, concrete and steel.

Service Promise…

Since we have been working in the West Palm Beach area, we have developed healthy relations with the building department therein and are aware of the required compliance to building codes. We allocate a Principal Engineer for every project, who supervises all phases, start to end, assisted by a cross-functional team of professionals for home additions in line with built permit packages. We aim to deliver…

• Collaboration with our clients and other third party consultants to streamline projects
• Accurate documentation and compliance to state / county / local building codes
• Minute eye for details through technical specifications and structural design drawings
• Optimum quality customer service with an objective to ensure complete customer satisfaction

Your lookout for structural engineers in West Palm Beach ends here! We welcome you to contact our business team for a consultation and appointment with regards to structural inspection, roof inspection and much more!